Monday, June 20, 2011

Rice Crispy Bath

My stress level has reached an all time high. John Riley has discovered an exciting new activity .. turning the water on in my bath tub, finding anything that will retain that water and gleefully splashing it everywhere. With this, an island has formed just off the coast of Will You Please Take a Nap .. in the What the Hell - I JUST Cleaned That Up Sea outside of the How in the World Did you find Another Cup Ocean .. I felt so confident in my ability to hide anything that could hold water, but apparently I failed. I have been sopping water up every other time I turn my back for three weeks now. I am constantly washing towels. Well, why don't you close doors you might ask? I do. Between the two children, I am defeated. John Riley is climbing on everything. In my mind, I am racing around the house saving John Riley from certain death on the tile floor while feeding them and cleaning. However, it looks as if nothing has been done.

Most days, I can not get a moment of peace. I did not have a shower today .. I had to settle for a bath that was ruined shortly after  beginning. I set the kids up with juices and a cartoon. Just when I thought everything was cool, I had unwanted company. Kayla needed to jump  in there with me as John Riley threw leftover pieces of his rice crispy treat in the tub. Kayla said that she was dirty and smelled of mushrooms. Therefore, it was imperative that I allow her to bathe with me. She couldn't wait. She couldn't go in her own bath tub. The alleged mushroom stench attacking her body was out of control and needed to be diffused in no other bath besides mine at any other time. Nice. 
There are times that really should be all about me. (That's right! I just said that in front of God and everyone) This was definitely one of them. Just let me have a shower or a bath for the love of God!! I swear these children have a radar detecting when I actually want to be left alone. It is their natural duty to obstruct and deny me of this privilege. So, there I sat in the bath tub .. exasperated and spinning .. surrounded by soggy rice crispy treat pieces. John Riley was turning the cold water on and off, upsetting what was supposed to be a hot bath. Maybe it was a delusional coping mechanism, but I started feeling flattered. Flattered that they want to be around me all time. Flattered that they want to look at me when they laugh. Flattered that they want me to see all of the things that make them happy. They want to share everything with me! Kayla declared that she smelled like mushrooms in order to jump in a bath of soggy rice crispy treats with me. John Riley can not leave my personal space for more than a few minutes without crying. I am the jam!! My kids have made me feel like a complete rock star. This doesn't change the fact that I still want time to myself. But, I do think I am lucky to have two of the most adorable fans on Earth - <3      

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